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I’m an editor, writer and content analyst who’s passionate about educating people about issues that affect them in big ways. I’m currently senior editor at Boundless Immigration, where I oversee production of content that helps people understand and navigate the immigration system.

Before my current position, I was a digital nomad who freelanced my way through Western Europe with my partner, Caleb, who’s a creative writer (check out his work!). I’ve also written about personal finance for a startup, reported for local newspapers, and interned at an EU-sponsored agency in Brussels, Belgium. More about my professional background

Caleb and I now live in Seattle, where you’ll often spot us exploring different neighborhoods and the local gastronomy (or struggling to maintain a keto diet at home — adulting’s hard, amiright?).

Want to get in touch or need help with a project? Send me a message, or connect with me on LinkedIn. I’d love to hear from you and learn how we can collaborate.