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Credit Union vs. Bank: What’s the Difference?

NCUA & FDIC Insurance Limits: How Coverage Is Calculated

Checking vs. Savings Accounts: What’s the Difference?

How to Open a Checking Account: Step-by-Step Guide, Tips & More

Close Your Account & Switch Banks: The Breakup Guide

Joint Bank Accounts: How They Work & How To Open One

Types of Checking Accounts: Choose the Right One for You

Check Routing Number: What It Is & How To Find It

Bad Check Laws & Restitution Program For Check Fraud

Check Processing: What Happens When You Write A Check?

NSF Check: When A Check You Wrote (Or Received) Bounces

Cashier’s Check Fraud & Scams: How To Spot A Fake

How To Balance A Checkbook & Reconcile A Bank Statement

Check Register: Printable & Downloadable Templates

Funds Availability: When Will Your Deposit Clear?

Overdraft Protection: What It Is & How to Avoid Fees

ChexSystems Score: What It Is & How To Improve It

ChexSystems: What It Is & How Long Info Stats In It

ChexSystems Dispute: Request Removal of Errors

Medical Credit Card Comparison, Alternatives & Tips

Types of Prepaid Cards

Usury Laws by State, Interest Rate Caps, the Bible & More


Bankruptcy Exemptions: What You Can Keep

How to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Student Loans & Bankruptcy: Dischargeable Debts & More

Bankruptcy Means Test: What It Is & Who Must Take It

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What It Is, How to File, the Means Test & More

College Savings

Saving For College: Compare Options, Strategies & More

529 College Savings Plan: Pros, Cons, Features & Rules

Prepaid Tuition Plans: Pros, Cons, How They Work & More


What Determines Car Insurance Rates

What Do I Need When Requesting Car Insurance Quotes

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

What Car Insurance Discounts Are Available?

How Does the WalletHub Car Insurance Quote Generator Work?


Withdrawing Money Abroad: Best Way To Exchange Money

Best Prepaid Travel Cards: Features, Fees & Tips Choosing

How to Book a Flight Without a Credit Card

Book a Hotel Without a Credit Card: Hotel Policies & Tips

Contributed reporting and research to:

Car Rental Without a Credit Card: Company Policies & Tips

Annual Percentage Rate: What It Is, How It Works and What to Avoid

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: How It Works, Who Is Eligible & More

Dynamic Currency Conversion: What It Is, How It Works & How to Avoid It

Bankruptcy Costs: Attorney & Filing Fees, Cheap Alternatives & More



Business & Entrepreneurship

Best & Worst Small Cities to Start a Business

Best & Worst States to Start a Business

Best & Worst Cities for Women-Owned Businesses

Best Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Most & Least Innovative States


Best & Worst State Economies

States Most Affected by Trade War with Mexico

Economic Impact of Immigration by State

Cities with the Most & Least Diversified Economies

Best- & Worst-Run Cities in America

Most & Least Socioeconomically Diverse Cities

Cities with the Most Efficient Public Spending

Cities with the Most & Least Efficient Spending on Education

Cities with the Best & Worst ROI on Police Spending

Fastest-Growing Cities

Most & Least Recession-Recovered Cities

Best States to Be Rich or Poor from a Tax Perspective

Richest & Poorest States


States with the Best & Worst School Systems

College & University Rankings

Best Colleges Ranking

Best Universities Ranking

Best & Worst Community Colleges

States with the Best & Worst Community-College Systems

Best College Towns & Cities in America

Most & Least Educated Cities in America

Best & Worst States for Teachers

Best Back-to-School Sales & Deals


Hardest-Working Cities in America

Best & Worst Cities for Jobs

Best & Worst States for Jobs

Best Places for Summer Jobs

Best & Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

Best Places to Be a Real-Estate Agent

Best & Worst States for Nurses

Best & Worst States to Be a Police Officer

Best & Worst States for Women’s Equality

Best & Worst States for Working Moms

Best & Worst States for Working Dads

Best & Worst Texas Cities for Finding a Job

Best & Worst California Cities for Finding a Job

Best & Worst Florida Cities for Finding a Job

Best & Worst Illinois Cities for Jobs

Best & Worst Ohio Cities for Job Seekers


Greenest Cities in America

Greenest States

Most & Least Energy-Expensive States

Most & Least Energy-Efficient States

Family Life

Best & Worst Places to Raise a Family

Best & Worst States to Raise a Family

Best Places to Get Married

Best & Worst States to Have a Baby

Best & Worst Cities for Single Moms

Best & Worst Cities for Singles

Best & Worst States for Millennials

Most Pet-Friendly Cities

Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers

States with the Most At-Risk Youth

Best & Worst Cities for Texas Families

Best Places to Live in Massachusetts for Families

Best Places to Raise a Family in Tennessee

Best Places to Raise a Family in Virginia

Best Places to Raise a Family in Washington State

Best Places to Raise a Family in Arizona

Best Places to Raise a Family in Michigan

Best Places to Raise a Family in Colorado

Best Places to Raise a Family in Wisconsin

Best & Worst Cities for Illinois Families

Best & Worst Cities for Florida Families

Best Places to Raise a Family in California

Best Places for Families to Live in Pennsylvania

Best & Worst Cities for Ohio Families

Best Places to Raise a Family in Georgia

Best Places to Raise a Family in North Carolina

Food & Drink

Best Foodie Cities in America

Best Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians

Best Coffee Cities in America

Health & Fitness

Healthiest Cities in America

Best & Worst States for Health Care

Best & Worst States for Children’s Health Care

Happiest Places to Live

Happiest States in America

Fattest States in America

Fattest Cities in America

Most & Least Stressed Cities in America

Most & Least Stressed States

Best & Worst Cities for People with Disabilities

Best & Worst Cities for an Active Lifestyle

Cities Most Affected by Trumpcare

The Real Cost of Smoking by State

Best & Worst Cities for Your Skin

States with the Best & Worst Dental Health

Best & Worst Cities for Recreation

States with the Best & Worst Health ROI

Most Gambling-Addicted States

States Most Affected by ACA Repeal

Best & Worst States at Combating the High Cost of Lung Cancer


Best & Worst Cities for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Best Places for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Most Sinful Cities in America

Best Presidents’ Day Sales

Best Places for Valentine’s Day

Best Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

March Sales: The Best Things to Buy This Month

Best Places to Celebrate Easter

Best Easter Sales & Deals

Best Memorial Day Sales

Best & Worst Places to Celebrate Fourth of July

Most & Least Independent States

Best 4th of July Sales & Deals

Best Labor Day Sales & Deals

National Coffee Day Deals, Freebies & Specials

Best Columbus Day Sales

Best Places for Oktoberfest Celebrations

Best and Worst Cities for Halloween

Best Things to Buy on Black Friday

Best Stores for Black Friday

2016 Black Friday Freshness Report: Retailers Recycle About 1 in 10 Deals from 2015

Black Friday Ads: Find the Best Deals

Best & Worst Retailers for Cyber Week

Best December Sales

Holiday Budgets by City

Identity Theft & Fraud

States Most Vulnerable to Identity Theft and Fraud

Personal Finance

Most & Least Financially Savvy States

Best & Worst Cities at Money Management

States with the Most & Least Student Debt

States with the Biggest Spenders

Tax Burden by State


Electorate Representation Index: Which States Most Closely Resemble the U.S.?

States with the Highest Political Engagement Among Blacks

New Hampshire Predicts 78% of GOP Nominees Despite Only 82% Resemblance with U.S.

How Closely Does Iowa Resemble the U.S.?

Metro Areas that Most & Least Resemble the U.S.

States with the Best & Worst Representation on Election Day

Which Political Party Is Better for the Economy?

Most & Least Politically Engaged States

How Will Racial Minorities Shape Future Elections?

Most Patriotic States in America

States with the Most and Least Powerful Voters

Real Estate

Best Real-Estate Markets

Best Places to Flip Houses

Best & Worst Places to Rent in America

The Health of the Housing Market in 25 Big Cities

Best & Worst Places for First-Time Home Buyers

Best State Capitals to Live in

Best Small Cities in America

Best Big Cities to Live in


Best & Worst Places to Retire

Best & Worst States to Retire

Best Places to Retire in Florida

Best & Worst States for Military Retirees

Best & Worst Places for Veterans to Live

Social Issues

States Most Dependent on the Gun Industry

States with the Most Racial Progress

Most Diverse Cities in America

Most & Least Diverse States in America

States with the Biggest Bullying Problems

States with the Best Elder-Abuse Protections

Most Caring Cities in America

Most & Least Culturally Diverse Cities

Best & Worst States for Women

Neediest Cities

Most Charitable States

Safest States in America

States with the Most Underprivileged Children

States with the Most Integrated Hispanics

States with the Highest and Lowest Financial Gaps by Race/Ethnicity


Best Sports Cities

Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans

Best Baseball Cities

Best Cities for Soccer Fans

Best Cities for Hockey Fans

Best & Worst Cities for Basketball Fans

Best & Worst Cities for College Basketball Fans

Travel & Leisure

Most Fun Cities in America

Most Fun States in America

Best Summer Vacation Spots

Best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips

Best Beach Towns to Live in

Best Winter Holiday Destinations

Best & Worst Cities for Staycations

Cities with the Best & Worst Weather

Best Cities for Gamers

Best & Worst Cities to Drive in


Columbia Missourian

Seniors reflect on their time at MU (Multimedia)

Stephens College to repair deteriorating pedestrian bridges this summer

Joplin Globe journalists discuss their experience covering the 2011 tornado

Documentary about Joplin newspaper’s response to tornado debuts Thursday

New ethanol-gasoline blend to be sold in Midwest worries opponents

Suspect flees after robbing Boone County National Bank on Walnut

Early reading program helps prepare kids for kindergarten

Veteran Anthony James Luciano dies at 74

Sports apparel store to replace Cool Stuff and Hot Box Cookies

True/False ticket sales set another record

Central Missouri Humane Society announces new executive director

I-70 and US 63 intersection improvement project will start in July

High school student arrested on suspicion of carving racial slur into vehicle

Robert K. Tsutakawa, former MU Department of Statistics chair, remembered for contributions to field

Four Missouri residents arrested on drug charges

Lois V. Johnmeyer, teacher, mother, dies at 94

Music organizations planning 5K in memory of Marching Mizzou members

The Hattiesburg Post

Southern Miss students lead reenactment of ’64 voting rights march

Hattiesburg residents remember ’64 march

South Florida Gay News

How LGBT Financial Aid Can Fuel South Florida’s Economy

European Youth Forum

International Volunteer Day 2013 focuses on young agents of change around the world

Another important step for the freedom of movement of young people

Investing in young Europeans: new EU budget for 2014-2020 aims to boost youth growth

Youth representatives and policymakers from across the EU agree on steps towards reinforcing Structured Dialogue

European Development Days shapes a new global development agenda with a focus on youth

Some steps towards enhanced social inclusion of young people not in employment, education or training

Working Group on Funding explores solutions to the financing situation on youth work

Youth: A high priority in UNESCO’s work

Empowering Macedonian youth

Youth Forum backs European Parliament President Martin Schulz’s opposition to abolishment of Spanish Youth Council

Youth Forum’s Mobility Working Group identifies next steps towards free movement of youth in Europe

Eastern Partnership Youth Forum gives greater visibility to joint youth cooperation

Advisory Council on Youth concludes its mandate with further recognition for volunteers

68th session of the UN General Assembly focuses on youth social development

European Parliament calls on youth to make a difference at launch of European Youth Event 2014

The Youth Forum gives young people a strong voice on rights at lobby mission in Strasbourg

Youth organisations magnify issues at fifth Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum meeting

Eastern Partnership youth organisations work together to influence societal policies

University on Youth and Development demands strong positive actions for youth rights

UN General Assembly special event: Youth play a strong role in global change making

International Coordination Meeting of Youth Organisations highlights its future

Empowering youth organisations through policy development training

Strengthening youth organisations with quality assurance training

Building strong youth organisations: Youth Work Working Group meets again

EU Youth Conference: Youth participation is key to social inclusion

YO! (Youth Opinion) Magazine

Interview with Luc Schuiten: “The City of the Future, Sustainable and Poetic” (co-authored by Giuseppe Porcaro)

Vox Magazine

Summer reading list

Movie Review: That’s My Boy

Download This: Workout Trainer



Assessing the Cost of Security Breaches

US Open By the Numbers

The Economic Impact of the Child Migrant Surge

The Domestic Energy “Revolution” & Your Wallet

The Economy, Midterm Elections & Personal Finance: What’s in Store for Your Wallet?


Mark your calendars for Mid-Missouri PrideFest 2013!

Secret Ingredient cookbook benefits food bank’s Buddy Packs program

Get Lost Bookshop sold to local couple

The Art of Dating: Favorite first date spots

Let’s get physical: Richie judges typographical book covers

Instagram goes pro: What Columbia photographers think of Instagram

The Art of Dating: Lithography, Mexican dinner and sidewalk yoga

Let’s get physical: Richie judges books by their covers